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Pugnacious George Gentleman's StoreWho is Pugnacious George?

Pugnacious George is a modern gentleman. An individual with discerning taste, good manners and great style. He enjoys whisky, vintage watches, fabulous women and a bloody steak from time to time. But it all begins with his shirts.

After a year and a half spent crafting the perfect gentleman's slim fit buttondown, Pugnacious George decided a proper tie was in order. And then boxers for beneath that spiffy get-up. Soon our focus evolved to include a smattering of wardrobe and lifestyle essentials from around the world. Classic products with a contemporary twist. Stylish pieces that every professional man should own – and ones you didn't even know existed.

We're an independently owned, boutique online biz bringing you our own goods along with brands we admire for their quality and craftsmanship. We even threw a few one-off vintage finds into the mix. Our team has roots in Melbourne, Sydney, New York and Colombo, so rest assured you'll be getting the best and most unusual from around the globe.