Pugnacious George

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Best in Park - Distinguished Chestnut Collar
Distinguished Collar
Getting the ladies hot under the collar.
Distinguished Dog Lead - Chestnut
Distinguished Lead
Lead the Pack.
Izola Ruled Letter Opener
Ruled Letter Opener
Write your angry letters… But never mail them.
Areaware Tool Set
Tool Set
A set of essential tools for the modern gentleman.
Best in Show Trump Cards
Best in Show Trump Cards
Find out who is top dog with these beautifully illustrated playing cards.
Dog Bowl
Dog Bowl
A vintage pie dish for man's best friend.
Emergency Blinking Light
Emergency Blinking Light
If the situation gets dicey or a woman's in labor, best to break out this light and peel rubber.
Vintage Juggling Balls
Juggling Balls
More balls than most.
Profile Pub
Profile Pub
16 interviews with 16 individuals based solely in Melbourne
R35 Robot (Silver)
Robot Technical Print
Get technical over these vintage tin robot prints.
Aeroplane & Globe
Aeroplane & Globe
Vintage find from Melbourne. One-of-a-kind desk accessory.
Gone Fishing Light
Gone Fishing Light
All you need in a light and nothing more. Now that's a bright idea.