Pugnacious George

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Imperial Barber Classic Pomade
Classic Pomade
Classic... Like a 64' 911.
Imperial Barber Gel Pomade
Gel Pomade
This hybrid is a stylish performer.
Imperial Barber Pre-Shave Oil
Pre-Shave Oil
Barber like a pro.
Imperial Barber Bergamot After-Shave
Bergamot After-Shave
Women wear perfume, men wear after-shave... Simple!
Chief's Energizing Face Wash
Chief's Face Wash
Need a wake up call in the morning?
Chief's Shaving Cream
Chief's Shaving Cream
The kick-start you need in the morning.
Mason Pearson Comb
Mason Pearson Comb
This is the comb that Don Draper keeps in his back pocket.
Izola Shoebrush
If you can’t walk the walk, don’t talk the talk.
Izola Soap Set
Soap Sets
Soap, water and common sense are the best disinfectants out there.

Billy Jealousy White Knight
White Knight Cleanser
A gentle cleanser that will make rescuing damsels in distress second nature.