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Get the right fit at a Trunk ShowPugnacious George is inviting you to get better acquainted with their wares.  For a limited time, the online men's clothier is hosting boardroom trunk shows at select company headquarters, giving gentlemen the chance to step up their sartorial game – starting at the office.

Launched earlier this year, Pugnacious George has already gained a loyal "pack" of followers for its stylish wardrobe staples.  They make classic products with a contemporary twist – slim fit shirts, ties and lifestyle essentials that every professional man should own.  Here's the 4-1-1 on getting your company involved:

WHO: Pugnacious George and their team of product specialists.

WHAT: A boardroom pop-up trunk-show hosted by Pugnacious George, featuring their slim fit dress shirts, handmade Italian silk ties, and assorted lifestyle products curated for exceptional craftsmanship and style.

WHERE: Your office headquarters – boardroom, lobby, maybe the break room.

WHEN: Lunchtime, some time this month, totally your call.  Light refreshments and drinks will be served.

WHY: Why not?  Give your colleagues the chance to discover Pugnacious George's product assortment first-hand.  Your entire office is invited to browse and purchase on-site.  Our team will assist with fit and style, and George is known to leave the premises in tidier condition than when he arrived.  It costs nothing.  It'll be fun.  And the office will love you. Our gift to you for organising this little caper is 3 shirts of your choice, now that is not a bad idea.

HOW: Email george@pugnaciousgeorge.com or call 1300 365 693. There are limited engagements, so schedule now!